Security for peace of mind.

Please be sure to bring your keycard when leaving the hotel and going to other floors.
  • 1.チェックイン
    Full payment is due at check-in. Staff will provide a keycard and locker key at the time of payment.
  • 2.ロッカー
    Each floor is equipped with personal use lockers. Guests can enter each floor with their security key. There are loungewear and amenities inside the lockers.
  • 3.お寛ぎください
    Our lounge is available for guests free of charge. The lounge offers free herbal teas, microwave, electric pot, and other amenities.
  • 4.各施設
    Shower booths and vanities come equipped with various amenities.
  • 5.快適なユニット空間
    We hope that you will enjoy a comfortable sleep with our special pods and select beddings.
  • 6.チェックアウト
    Please return your keycard, locker key, and lounge wear placed in an amenity bag to the front desk at the time of checkout. Please place bath towels in the return box.


  • scene1 出張・ビジネス利用に
    Located just a two-minute’s train ride from Tokyo Station, it is a convenient base for business trips.
  • scene2 女性一人旅に
    Guests stay at ease, thanks to the location near train stations and the all female staff.
  • scene3 終電後の宿泊に
    Conveniently located near Hatchobori Station on the Hibiya Line and JR Keiyo Line, as well as Shintomicho Station on the Yurakucho Line!
  • scene4 ライブ・イベントに
    Stay with us when you are visiting event and concert venues such as Ariake Coliseum and Zepp Tokyo.
  • scene5 テーマパークの利用拠点に
    Just a 15-minutes train ride to Tokyo Disney Resort.
  • scene6 観光拠点に
    Easily accessible to the Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Skytree, and many other tourist destinations.